Salon de quilles Darling – Policies

  1. Customers deem themselves fit and able to bowl.
  2. Customers bowl at their own RISK.
  3. Darling Bowling is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  4. Bowlers must remain behind foul line at all times. Stay on your assigned lanes.
  5. All frames bowled are charged. All balls thrown count toward frames, whether scoring or not.
  6. All bowlers must wear bowling shoes.
  7. No outside food or drinks permitted.
  8. No food or drinks beyond lane tables.
  9. No horseplaying allowed. Do not throw more than one ball at a time down the bowling lane.
  10. No loitering or soliciting allowed.
  11. We reserve the right to limit play.
  12. No pets or bicycles, rollerblading or skateboarding are permitted.

We reserve the right to check all bags upon entry.

We reserve the right to exclude customers who do not comply with our rules.

Bowlers must be courteous and respect the bowling facility, other patrons and staff.