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Bowling is in again !

When Justin Timberlake and record producer Timbaland took a trip to Montreal recently, they did not end the night in the bars of chic Crescent Street, but in a Montreal bowling alley.

Texte : Justin did bring sexy back to bowling

New management

Since March 1st, 2014 Isabelle Lavoie is the new owner of the Darling Bowling centre. For Isabelle, bowling is a family affair: her father and her grandfather before her were bowling alley managers (the Broadway in the 1950s in Montréal-Est, followed by the Édouard-Rivest Community Centre bowling centre, until 2000). She extends the family tradition by infusing it with her very own energy and cultural communications experience.

Renovation work

Major renovation were performed in summer 2014 to restore its 1960s vibe : refurbishing the 24 lanes, installation of new flooring, walls and countertops, in addition to redesigning the website and its graphic signature. More is to come over the next years !